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Moving with freedom is an expression of joy, a gift we give ourselves every day. Breathing makes us feel alive. Intention makes us present, not to be perfect, but to recognize where we are in every moment.


Giulia Iurza, yoga teacher

Born in Naples, she started studying dance from a young age and at 20 years old, she moved to London, where she worked as a contemporary dancer. She was introduced to Yoga at a young age, finding stability and a anchor point in her life. She began her training journey with Ambra Vallo, becoming a certified teacher in Hatha Raja Vinyasa Yoga 500hr. She deepened her knowledge and qualified to teach various methodologies such as Forrest Yoga (330hr), Rocket Yoga (180hr), and Poppy Perinatal (50hr).

Her intention is to guide students in finding their own truth, to work with dedication and determination but with a light heart, and to build inner strength through practice so that they can fearlessly face challenges both on and off the mat.

Her practice is an invitation to surrender to the trust that the body has always been waiting for. Her goal as a teacher is to guide each student with integrity, allowing them to experience the benefits of Yoga not only for the body but also for the mind and soul.

What I do

  • Group lessons in the studio
  • Private lessons
  • Online lessons
  • Masterclass - Workshops

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Yoga Styles

Yoga with Giulia

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a refined practice that addresses physical and emotional challenges, providing tools to reconnect with the spirit.

Yoga with Giulia

Rocket Yoga

A powerful, dynamic and energetic practice that comes from Ashtanga but with a more playful and creative approach

Yoga with Giulia

Hatha Raja Vinyasa

Hatha Raja Vinyasa is the practice of mastering body and mind, synchronizing breath and movement, using an efficient progression of poses.

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Private Lessons

  • Yoga Lessons

    Individual yoga lessons offer a personalized and targeted experience that can bring numerous benefits to both beginners and more advanced practitioners. These one-on-one sessions allow for greater attention and adapt the practice to the specific needs of each individual.

    One of the main advantages of individual yoga lessons is the opportunity to learn positions and techniques correctly, ensuring that postures are performed accurately and avoiding the risk of injuries. This is particularly important for those who are new to yoga or have physical limitations.

    Private lessons also allow for deepening personal practice. Specific sequences focus on particular areas of the body or specific goals, such as flexibility, strength, or stress reduction. This allows for refining and developing one's practice more effectively, achieving faster and more lasting results.

    Individual practice provides a safe and comfortable environment to explore and express oneself without judgment. It creates an intimate space where practitioners feel free to ask questions, share personal concerns, or explore specific challenges that may not be addressed in a group class. This individual support and guidance contribute to creating a deeper connection with the practice and with oneself.

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Giulia Iurza

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